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We have some exciting menu features for Cool Brews. Hot Eats during Beer Month Grand Rapids, February 15th – Marc 15th!

Comstock Park Features include:
Scotch Ale Cheesecake: Just as tasty as it sounds, made with help from Nantucket Bakery
Chupacabra featuring seasoned Spanish style pork, Hopanero IPA enchilada sauce, lettuce, tomato, shredded colby-jack cheese, black bean and corn salsa. Served with sour cream and house made Brewt’s Bloody Mary Salsa.
Bloody Beer made with Brewt’s Bloody Mary mix and Elk Brewing’s Hopanero IPA.

Wealthy Street Features include:
Red Pepper Chicken Wrap: red pepper sauce, basil pesto mayo, diced chicken breast, spinach, roasted red peppers and mozzarella cheese on a jalapeño cheese tortilla.
Caramel Apple Quesadilla: diced apples and caramel sauce. Served with vanilla ice cream.

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